Understanding real estate in dense urban areas
requires three dimensions.

Cube Cities is a floor-level technology platform for visualizing property information. We build applications that reveal market insights which can only be exposed when information is organized in 3D. To do this, Cube Cities maintains a massive database of building and floor-level data in cities all over the world. Visit our blog to see our latest innovations.

We're included in KPMG's global Survey of Real Estate Innovators

Explore commercial real estate markets in 3D with our Canadian data partner Altus Data Solutions

Our Applications

New York City Data in 3D

The City of New York has the most accessible property data in the world, we have an app that visualizes the NYC PLUTO database in 3D. Sign in

3D Commercial Real Estate Search

Explore office markets in Canada with our data partner Altus Data Solutions. Launch app

Interior Space Visualization

Fly inside photorealistic building models using virtual tour technology from Matterport. Perfect for showcasing high quality real estate. Try demo


Create custom building infographics with our 3D data illustration tool, just click the buildings and floors and change the colors. Sign in

Interactive Reporting

Enterprise-class analytics for serious real estate data research. Contact us for more information.

Cube Cities API

Use our floor-level building data to build your application. Contact us for more information.

Our Technology

Cube Cities has been researching technology and developing applications for the 3D visualization of real estate since 2009. Our capability to produce discrete, floor-level visualizations of building data is unique in the geospatial industry. Our 3D modeling technology for building data is patented in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, the EU and patent pending in other countries.

Our Team

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Interested in using our patented technology to visualize your data? Contact us to learn how our applications solve problems for our customers across various industries.

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